Stadium Guide

Stadium Guide

World Cup Stadiums

Qatar will host the first World Cup in the Arab states and only the second World Cup in Asia after South Korea and Japan in 2002. There are eight stadiums scheduled to host the matches, six of which can hold around 40,000 spectators each.

  • Al Bayt Stadium

    Al Bayt Stadium

    The design of this spectacular 60,000 capacity stadium takes its inspiration from a traditional Arabic tent. At just over 20 miles from Doha, it is also the furthest out. A retractable roof is a key feature and like many of Qatar’s World Cup stadia, the top tier will be removed and seats re-used to be as sustainable as possible. A world -class hotel, shopping centre and protected greenbelt around the city of Al Khor, make this an impressive sight.
    Al Bayt stadium will host the opening match of the World Cup.


    Host city:Al Khor

    Matches planned:The Opening Match

  • Lusail Stadium

    Lusail Stadium

    At around 12 miles north of central Doha, Lusail is the biggest capacity stadium in Qatar. A stunning piece of design by Foster & Partners, it is said to be inspired by the fanar lantern.
    As part of the development of new Lusail City, like many other of the stadia, it will be de-sized after the tournament.
    At 80,000 capacity, it is by far the largest stadium and will host the finals of this year’s world cup.


    Host city:Lusail

    Matches planned:The Final

  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

    Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

    On the site of the original home stadium of Al Rayyan SC, this intricate stadium stands at the gateway to the desert in Umm Al Afaei, a historic Qatari city. Designed to reflect the shapes and patterns of the local flora and fauna and of the desert, the stadium will stay intact as the new home of Al Rayyan. 13 miles west of central Doha, and at 40,000 capacity, it will be used up until the quarter-finals only.


    Host city:Umm Al Afaei

    Matches planned:Up to the Quarter Finals

  • Al Janoub Stadium

    Al Janoub Stadium

    The billowing design of Al Janoub’s roof finds its roots in the sails of the dhows that historically supported Al Wakrah’s fishing and pearl industries. This 40,000 seater stadium will be de-scaled and serve as the permanent of local team, Al Wakrah SC. Built with a unique cooling system and a retractable roof, it can hosts even any time of the Qatari year.


    Host city:Al Wakrah

    Matches planned:

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  • Al Thumama Stadium

    Al Thumama Stadium

    At 40,000 capacity and less than 8 miles south of central Doha, Al Thumama has strong design links to Qatari culture.

    Its brilliant white circular form is said to resemble the gahfiya, a traditional woven cap worn by men around the Arabic region. Designed by a local Qatari architect, Ibrahim Al Jaidah, Al Thumama, like many other world cup stadia, will reduce its capacity and donate seating to developing countries.


    Host city:Al Thumama

    Matches planned:

  •  Education City Stadium

    Education City Stadium

    A stunning venue that reflects its surroundings – Education City is a hub for dynamic, modern learning in Qatar.
    Situated just under 10 miles north west of central Doha, this 40,000 seater stadium has a surprise for visitors after dark. A digital lightshow illuminates the ultra-modern external geometric design. After the world cup, it will remain as the heart of sporting facilities for the surrounding universities with more sporting amenities being added.


    Host city:Al Rayyan

    Matches planned:

  •  Khalifa International Stadium

    Khalifa International Stadium

    The only stadium built before Qatar was awarded the World Cup, this 40,000 capacity stadium has been bought right up to date. The dual arches remain, but a wider canopy and new cooling system will create a playable temperature for the teams. Tried and tested already, it is less than 3 miles from Doha City. It will be used throughout the tournament, including the 3rd place play-off.


    Host city:Aspire

    Matches planned:

  • Stadium 974

    Stadium 974

    Its name comes from the 974 shipping containers that have been used in construction. And the international dialling code for Qatar is … 974.
    Designed to be dismantlable after the event, this stadium will be used up til the Round of 16.
    Sat on the waterfront, it overlooks the Doha Corniche and West Bay. The site will later be used for not only spectacular waterfront residential development but a business park too.


    Host city:Ras Abu Aboud

    Matches planned: